Yusuf Azak - Go Native

Go Native



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Yusuf Azak’s second album, Go Native, is due out in November 2012.  His music seems to be somewhat mellowing with age.  His first EPs were thickly layered with vocal loops and reversed guitar parts, and although by the time of his debut album, which we released a couple of years ago, his trademark live guitar finger-picking had started to make itself more evident, the dense layering of it all still baffled people a little.

This new record is a little different.  It’s lighter, cleaner and more straightforward, and I think this new directness might just make it a little easier for people to get into Yusuf’s gorgeously melodic songwriting. I’m not sure he’s ever written a more beautiful song than Swim or Sanctuary.  And the easy hummability of the two singles Smile Tactics and Move Me Starlet is also a sign of a more direct, accessible approach.

He tends to keep himself to himself, only to emerge occasionally with a finished album, so I doubt we’re ever going to be able to make Yusuf famous, exactly.  But as long as he continues to make music I love as much as I love this, then we’ll be releasing his records as long as he wants us to.

01. Lay Me Down
02. Sensitive Cell
03. Swim
04. (I Would Sooner) Fade to Love
05. American Eyes
06. Sanctuary
07. Smile Tactics
08. Immunity or Rescue
09. Move Me Starlet
10. Go Native
11. Losing My Aim