The Leg - An Eagle to Saturn

An Eagle to Saturn

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I still can’t decide if I think this album is an amazing pop record or just plain fucking mental. Like most of the best albums I reckon it’s a bit of both.

The first song I heard from this was Twitching Stick and I can’t remember being so fucking excited to be screamed at by a madman before.  I can’t think of many more creepy lyrics, either, than “There are no stitches ’cause there was no operation”, from Bake Yourself Silly, although I’m not entirely sure what it is that’s so creepy about it.

01. An Eagle to Saturn
02. Twitching Stick
03. Bake Yourself Silly
04. Witch on the Speaker
05. Sad as Dead Monkeys
06. The Birds are Falling
07. Freda Bolt
08. God Don’t Like It
09. Jingle Bells in the Summertime
10. ?