Rob St John - Weald




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Side A:
01. Your Phantom Limb
02. Sargasso Sea
03. Vanishing Points
04. The Acid Test
Side B:
01. Stainforth Force
02. Domino
03. Emma’s Dance
04. An Empty House

“should be championed as something truly great”The Liminal

“surprising and utterly magnificent 9/10”This is Fake DIY

“gorgeous songwriting”The Glasgow Herald

“Weald proves a consistently strong and challenging record. Each of its eight tracks blend emotional girth with an exquisite musical craft that stretches far beyond the reaches of many of today’s young singer-songwriters 8/10”Drowned in Sound

”Weald is a strangely compelling and absolutely engrossing listen from a promising new talent”The Line of Best Fit

“Like David Thomas Broughton fronting Mount Eerie or Alexander Tucker conducting a psycho-geographical field study. Picking out individual instruments doesn’t convey the combined effect of layered textures that swell and contract, making the album sound cavernous despite a lingering intimacy.” Folly of Youth

“Isn’t it grand when a debut album from a little known artist arrives in November and vies with the already-anointed likes of Metronomy, The Horrors and Ghostpoet for your 2011 top spot?  That beautiful thing is Weald by Rob St John, a Lancastrian singer-songwriter with the range, boom and profundity of Ian Curtis, Nick Drake and Stuart Staples whose songs animate geography like Luke Haines’ do history”Andrew Collins, WORD Magazine

Rob St John’s most accomplished document to date, ‘Weald’ is tender yet sparse, modern yet timeless” CLASH Magazine

“for all the low-key chorales, musical saws and string-laden back-woods baroque pulsing this full-length debut’s eight songs, it’s St John’s increasingly forceful mix of melancholy and otherworldly rapture that counts. At the record’s core is the slash and burn revelation of Domino. If the late Nick Drake and another old Nick’s Bad Seeds ever hitch up at some rural English crossroads, this is what such an unlikely clash of souls might sound like.”The List

“Weald is a genuinely astonishing debut statement from UK singer-songwriter Rob St. John.  It’s dark in places and funereally paced, but ragingly honest and intense. If there was any justice this would be 2011’s For Emma, Forever Ago. It’s that good.”Epitonic

“Twenty five years ago St. John would have been in a dour gruff Northern indie-band, a good one mind; they’d have done Peel sessions and at some point been on the cover of Melody Maker. It’s 2011 though so things are different.  There’s no real need for band mates anymore, records can be made by one man. And folk music isn’t just Fair Isle jumpers and real ale; there’s a place for mavericks, for drones, for the screech and scrape of strings, for funereal rhythms and screaming guitar, these are the kinds of things that make songs like ‘Domino’ so compelling; and me so happy.”Americana UK