Le Thug / Magic Eye / Plastic Animals / Zed Penguin - Split 12″ v2

Split 12″ v2



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Hi-res album artwork.

Sold out now, sorry, although our distributors still have a couple so you might well be able to order one from your local record shop.

This is the second of our Split 12″ series (the first is here), all recorded mostly live and mostly in one take in the living room here at Song, by Toad Records – full series of videos here.

This split features four of the most exciting new Scottish bands in Le Thug, Magic Eye, Plastic Animals and Zed Penguin.  And, for added intrigue/nonsense, eight of the songs from the session will be released on gorgeous transparent red vinyl, and the other eight songs from the session will be on a 4-pack of beer from our favourite Edinburgh micro-brewery Barney’s.

We’ll be putting both out on Record Store Day 2013 and seeing which sells out quicker – do people want a lasting memento of their love of music, and do they treasure the ritual of playing beautiful vinyl, or is the song itself simply enough, and would they prefer the transient pleasure of fine beer and tunes on their mp3 player?  We will find out with BEER vs. RECORDS!

And this is how gosh darned pretty the records are (click for full size):

2013-02-15 13.21.20