Jonnie Common - Restless

 “A dulcet siren issued from the trig point on a mountain of student debt” is how Glasgow’s “gorgeous machine-pop bard” Jonnie Common describes his latest single Restless. Born from low-key live shows trying out new material in stripped backed form, Restless is a slow bob on a wave of self-employed uncertainty – available here.

Warped guitar, a splash of brass and backing vocals of a Glaswegian sonic-stalwart and fellow Save As Collective member Gavin Thomson, it is a wry and lyrically dense anthem for the overworked and dissatisfied. The single also features a remix of Restless by Scottish Mercury nominee C Duncan, with whom Jonnie Common has played a number of shows over the past couple of years. Jonnie says: “It felt entirely appropriate for C Duncan to remix this particular track as I played it live for the first time at one of his shows. When he sent me the remix, he referred to his guitar playing as ’90s sitcom style’. I’m guessing he drew the line at adding some Seinfeld-y slap bass.”

So if you’re feeling restless, Jonnie Common has some advice: “Have a break. Have a Kitkat. Have a listen to this. (Sorry, that’s very cheesy but I just ate a Kitkat).”

Siobhan Wilson - There Are No Saints Out Now

The gorgeous debut album by Siobhan Wilson, There Are No Saints, is released today. It’s beautiful, and you know it, and you should really go and buy one right now. As Drowned in Sound said: “one of the most stunning collections of songs to be released in a long time, and one that should cement […]

Modern Studies Sign to Fire Records

It’s kind of awesome and kind of sad for me to announce that Modern Studies have signed to Fire Records to release their second LP. It’s okay though. I know where they live. And really, for all it’s kind of sad, and I was really looking forward to working with the band on album number […]

Passion Pusher - Life in the Aquarium Out Now!

Passion Pusher’s fantastic collection of clattering sludge-pop songs is out today, and all fine and nasty it sounds too. It was recorded and mixed here in The Happiness Hotel by my good self, and it is fantastic to see it released at last. “a ramshackle masterpiece that at times isn’t easy listening, but is bursting […]

New Siobhan Wilson Single: Paris Est Blanche

Siobhan Wilson’s new single is out today, and is one of the more beautiful tracks from her new album There Are No Saints. The album flits elusively between the lovely and the nasty, and this is definitely at the prettier end of the spectrum. It’s also performed in French, and has its roots in Siobhan’s […]

Viking Moses and Sam Goodwill Split 7" out now

Recorded in The Happiness Hotel when Sam and Brendon were touring together in late 2016, these recordings also strongly feature Ceylan Hay, a good friend of Brendon from his time living in Edinburgh over ten years ago. Out now on limited edition 7″ vinyl on Song, by Toad Records. Split 7″ by Viking Moses/Sam Goodwill

Passion Pusher Album and New Single

Those of you who know me will know that I have been a big fan of James Gage’s ramshackle, lo-fi pop juggernaut Passion Pusher for several years now, and we have finally got an album for you! We recorded it in about three days in The Happiness Hotel, and it’s not exactly polished, but it […]

Lush Purr - Cuckoo Waltz OUT TODAY!

The gorgeous album above is out in the world as of today, folks, so pop over to our Bandcamp page and buy one. And don’t forget to check out the band’s website for tour dates and the like. And in the meantime feast your eyes on these pics, and have a listen to Banandine below […]

Siobhan Wilson Album and New Single

I am delighted to announce that on Bastille Day 2017 we will be releasing the debut album by Elgin-born Glasgow resident Siobhan Wilson. You should remember her from Split 12″ Vol.3 which we recorded at Inshriach House during the Insider Festival about three years ago, and one of the songs from that split does make […]

New Meursault video: The Mill

The new single from Meursault, from phenomenal album I Will Kill Again, which you can buy here, is called The Mill. In Neil’s words: “Once upon a time, I played a promotional show for an American beer company (one of the big ones). I can only assume that business was tough, so they’d enlisted my […]

Modern Studies Live at the Edinburgh Festival and with C Duncan

I love Modern Studies. I mean, they’re great at music and awesome fun to hang around with, sure, but most importantly they make me look like some sort of record label genius by being organised, hard-working and having an absolute fuck-ton of fantastic ideas and then making them happen entirely under their own steam. I […]