Meursault - Something For the Weakened

Something For the Weakened

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Meursault’s third ‘studio’ album is actually the first one to be recorded in a real, proper studio. That studio was Pumpkinfield in Perthshire, and the production values aren’t the only thing that has changed.  Having added bass and drums to the lineup, the big songs have a much more thunderous, thumping feel to them, whereas the slower tunes, instead of being sparse ballads, are now embellished by rich string arrangements.

Lyrically is where the link to previous Meursault stuff is probably the strongest, however.  Quite apart from horribly touching songs like Mamie, Neil’s ability to lead us onto a cliché and then refuse to deliver makes him one of my favourite lyricists around at the moment.  So the music might be yet another evolution of the band’s sound, but their ability to continue to evolve without ever being jarring about it, or losing the heart of what they’re about, is something I find really impressive.

01. Thumb
02. Flittin’
03. Lament For a Teenage Millionaire
04. Settling
05. Hole
06. Lightning Bolt
07. Dull Spark
08. Dearly Distracted
09. Mamie
10. Untitled