Meursault - Flittin’




Digital download: coming soon.

Hi-res sleeve artwork

This is the first single from the new Meursault album Something For the Weakened, which is out on 16th July 2012.  The single itself is available on coloured 7″ vinyl – and have a wee look at the image at the bottom of the page.  Flittin’ has been around for some time as a staple of the Meursault live set, and has become slowly and surely more thunderous as the band lineup has shifted over the last year or so.

As a counterpoint to that, the b-side is actually just a different version of the same song. It’s so very different, however, that you really can’t accuse this of being one of those remix or live version cop-outs people exploit to pad out single releases.  Played just on the piano for a session, the first time I heard this I honestly just sat and played it over and over again for about twenty minutes.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I think emphasises the lyrics even more than the full album version on the a-side.