Meursault - A Few Kind Words/William Henry Miller Pt.2

A Few Kind Words/William Henry Miller Pt.2



These two singles were recorded as a pair because, erm… well because we all really love vinyl and we wanted to have some to our name before the band disappear for three or four months to record the new album in the new year.

The singles include new recordings of William Henry Miller Parts One and Two with the full band, including new members Phil Quirie on guitar andPete Harvey on cello.  Dan Willson from Withered Hand and Bart Owl from eagleowl provide guest vocals on Parts One and Two respectively.  The resulting recordings are really dense and layered, and some of my favourite things I’ve ever heard from the band.

1. A Few Kind Words
2. William Henry Miller Pt.2 (Single Version)

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Buy as a pair £6 – These two singles are being released together because we see all four songs as going together, so you can buy them as a pair by clicking the buy button below.