Jesus H Foxx - Endless Knocking

Endless Knocking



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Since releasing the Matter EP on Song, by Toad Records in August 2009, their debut album has been, they have assured me, mere weeks away from completion.  And two and a half years later, here it is.

The album was actually finished, once, in October 2010 but when the band listened to the final mixes for some reason it just didn’t excite them – sounding a bit over-worked and not really coming together as a complete album.

So after some brutal remixing of existing stuff, stripping some songs back to no more than the original drum track, and entirely re-recording others from scratch, suddenly Endless Knocking came together almost immediately, and sounded as they wanted it right from the very beginning.

And so, after a rather quiet two and a half years, Jesus H. Foxx have a couple of singles coming up, a whole new album to present, and a considerably re-vamped lineup from the last time they regularly graced Scottish venues.  They are still very much themselves though, and I suppose that essence was what was such a challenge to capture on record.

01. The Reins, Quick
02. So the Wind Won’t…
03. Permanent Defeat
04. Elegy For the Good
05. Twins
06. Half the Man You Were
07. This is Not a Rental Car
08. So Much Water
09. Twins (reprise)
10. J+J
11. Paris