Upcoming BAD FUN Excitement

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Well well, we had an awesome time at the Jonnie Common gig last night, and I am now on my way to SXSW for tequila and fun, and our bloody house is doubtless being turned into an apocalyptic mess of a recording studio by half the bloody bands on the label in our absence. Fuckers.

Anyhow, I’ve been unusually organised with booking Toad gigs this year, and we already have a full schedule of awesome stuff between now and the Festival, at which point I will go into hiding until September.  For now, however, we have a solid four months of excellent gigs ahead of us, including a couple of rather interesting album launches – for Sparrow and the Workshop at the Caves and Mono in May, as well as a launch night for the Split 12″ and Beer vs. Records on Record Store Day in April.

Advance tickets for everything can be purchased from here, and for the Sparrow ones in particular it would make sense, because they are £6 in advance and £8 on the door.

Saturday 6th April
Magic Eye, Fur Hood & Peter
Edinburgh’s finest dreamy pop band are on a joint tour with Fur Hood, one of Glasgow’s more eccentric and elusive guitar groups, and the Edinburgh leg will take place at BAD FUN in April.

Sunday 14th April
North American War, Furrow & Deathcats
Toad favourites North American War will be on tour with their pals, the slightly more shoegazey Shropshire band Furrow.  They are joined on the bill by Deathcats, a raucous Glasgow guitar pop band rather bravely making their first appearance in Edinburgh the day before their dissertations are due to be handed in.

Saturday 20th April – at Summerhall
Beer vs. Records Launch, with Magic Eye, Le Thug, Plastic Animals and Zed Penguin
This sees the launch of our slightly tongue-in-cheek project Beer vs. Records. Eight songs by the bands performing will be released on a gorgeous 12” vinyl, and eight more as a download on a 4-pack of Barney’s Beer. Both will be limited runs of 250, with a contest to see who sells out first. What do people really want, beer or records?

As the 20th is Record Store Day 2013, we will be letting people in for £2 cheaper if they have a receipt from a Scottish record shop for that day, and for half price if they have purchased our split 12” while they were there!

Wednesday 8th May – at Mono, Glasgow
Sparrow and the Workshop album launch, with Strike the Colours
Glasgow launch for Murderopolis.

Thursday 9th May – at The Caves
Sparrow and the Workshop album launch, with Magic Arm
Sparrow and the Workshop prepare to release their third album Muderopolis on Edinburgh’s Song, by Toad Records with a gig at The Caves, supported by electronic pop wizard Magic Eye, who are up from Manchester and just so happen to be launching their own album as well.  After the gig there will be drinking until late, with DJs drawn from amongst the bands on Song, by Toad Records.

Saturday 8th June
The Leg & Monoganon
This will be an eccentric evening, with Glasgow/Swedish newcomers Flo & Spicey joining the excellent Monoganon in Edinburgh, at a gig headlined by Song, by Toad Records’ The Leg, whose second album for the Edinburgh label, Oozing a Crepuscular Light, is due out this Autumn.

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