Toad New Year’s House Gig

New Year's Party copy

This new year Mrs. Toad and I will be avoiding the crowds in the centre of town.  We will be doing this for two reasons: firstly, because we’re a pair of antisocial misanthropes and second, because we will have a guest from the States who would like to do something musical.

The result?  The third Toad House Gig, this time going head to head with the nation’s most powerful promoters on the biggest party night in the world – bring it on, bitches!  Actually, we just wanted to avoid the mayhem in the centre of town, and this seemed to be a much more relaxed and congenial way to spend the night.

The gentleman in question is Jon Rooney of the excellent Virgin of the Birds, who have released two free EPs so far this year on Abandoned Love Records.  He will be playing, we will be filming, and it will all be broadcast over the internet as with the other house gigs, although hopefully in somewhat better resolution this time.

Also playing will be Jamie from Broken Records, with a solo acoustic set.  I’ve not seen Jamie play a stripped down set since he very kindly played a couple of songs at the first Toad Christmas Party last year, so I’m really looking forward to this.We’re going to make sure the music goes on fairly early, so anyone who wants to go on somewhere else for the fireworks (which you can see really clearly from Inverleith Park, just near ours, assuming the weather’s nice) can get there in plenty of time, and also so our musical pals can do some serious drinking of their own if they want to.

As usual, we’ll be asking for a fiver from each of you in order to pay the artists.  All of this goes straight to them, so you needn’t worry about your hard-earned cash being siphoned off by an unscrupulous parasite like myself.  And we’ll even treat you all to a glass of champagne at midnight too, if you like.  As it’s New Year, and as we really have no idea of numbers, I’d really like it if you could buy your tickets up front on this one.  It could be really busy, but I’ve really no idea, although if we do sell out (40 tickets, max) then there will be no exceptions.  It is our house after all, and it could turn into chaos if we’re not careful.  Purchase link below, please shop responsibly.

Broken Records – Wolves (Toad Session)

Virgin of the Birds – Lessons Learned in Turkish Valleys