The Song, by Toad Official Tom Waits Pilgrimage

Tom Waits

Yes, woo hoo, we are all going to Tom Waits tonight.  By we, I mean Martin from The Savings & Loan, Euan from The Kays Lavelle and a healthy portion of Broken Records.  A couple of folk from work will be coming along too, as will Morgan, the Song, by Toad *ahem* cinematographer, as well as my old Dad.  It will be something of a outing.

The plan is to meet sometimes from 5pm onwards up at the back of Joseph Pearce’s and have a few pints, and to rise to the Tom Waits Challenge.  What’s that you say?  Well Euan and I decided to have a bet about who could name the most songs from his set, before the actual event. But it strikes me that we might as well make it a pound-a-go sweepstake (is that gambling – does that make this website officially illegal in the United States?) whereby everyone writes down fifteen songs they think he’ll play, and then at the end we count them up and the winner takes the pot, which should be a princely, erm, twenty quid or so.  And then spends it on a round of beers, of course.

So here we go, Tom Waits tonight.  The first time I’ve seen him live since 1999 in Boston, when he played the Orpheum.

Tom Waits – Goodnight Lovin’ Trail (Live at Ebbet’s Field, 1974 – this is something of a rare recording, apparently.)
Tom Waits – Hold On (Live)
Tom Waits – New Coat of Paint (Live)
Tom Waits – That Feel (Live)