The Rose Street Ensemble this Saturday

Emigre eflyerPete Harvey is an interesting fellow.  I first really met him properly when he played cello on the Animal Magic Tricks songs which were recorded at Toad Hall earlier this year.

Those songs were gorgeous, so when I heard that he and Neil from Meursault were recording the Withered Hand album I wasn’t surprised.

Then Neil told me Pete was going to play some Meursault songs with the band.  Then I realised that I had seen Pete playing before, most recently as cellist for Alex Cornish where he plays a particularly spiffing version of Sweet Child of Mine.

Earlier this week I found out that he helps run the Rose Street Quartet and the Rose Street Ensemble, who are playing this Saturday at the Canongate Kirk.  Then last night I found out that he’s actually played cello for the Willard Grant Conspiracy when I saw them at the Queen’s Hall last year.

In short, the man’s a fucking maniac.

Animal Magic Tricks – King

Anyhow, given the incredibly bad time my brother gave me in the comments section about not really saying that I don’t like classical music during the Funkcast, I thought that it was about time I had another go at starting to come to terms with the stuff, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity, and the timing was perfect.

Alex Cornish – Sweet Child o’ Mine

Well, almost.  I, of course, have the Jesus H. Foxx EP launch on Saturday, but I didn’t realise this immediately because I was too excited by my imminent desertion of my philistine ways to notice the fucking date on the flyer.  I want to go though.  And on the chance that the Bowery ain’t your cup of tea this weekend, then you should try this.

Saturday 12th September 2009, 7.30pm Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh

Tickets: £10/5 (Available from, or on the door)
Proceeds to WARCHILD

Songs, Letters and String Works of Émigré Composers Rose Street Ensemble
Conductor: James Lowe – Leader: Liz Beeston – Readings by: Crawford Logan
Voices: Emma Morwood, Judy Dennis – Piano: Robin Hutt, Simon Smith

Gal: Serenade for String Orchestra, Op.46
Gal: 5 Songs for Middle Voice and Piano, Op. 33
Rachmaninov: selection from 14 songs, Op. 34 including Vocalise No. 14 (for Soprano & Piano)
Rachmaninov: Romance and Scherzo
Bartók: Hungarian Folk songs
Bartók: Divertimento for strings