The Gentle Toad Presents: Gulp & eagleowl House Gig


The Gentle Toad? The what? Well, for a brief entente cordiale Bart of The Gentle Invasion and eagleowl and myself have been able to set aside our mutual animosity and agree to cooperate on one last thing. Apart from beer. Oh, and terrible films. And being weird on the internet. Actually, maybe not one last thing, but eagleowl did sign for Lost Map instead of Song, by Toad so will always need to be treated with a degree of suspicion around here. Even if they do invite awesome bands to play in our warehouse.

On Saturday 4th of October eagleowl will be supporting the awesome Gulp round at our place, and you can come along for the price of a fiver. The rules are pretty simple: BYOB, feel free to stick around and get pished with us as long as you like, and don’t be a twat to anyone – easy!

In return you get to see some excellent music in one of Edinburgh’s more seldom-used venues, and, erm, well get shit-faced and have an awesome time. I rather anticipate Bart insisting on DJing afterwards as well, as he tends to, so erm, well whether you consider that good news or bad is entirely your decision. Oh, and we can only take about 50 or 60 people, so make your decision fast, as these things have a habit of selling out.

It’s going to be fucking brilliant.

Buy your tickets here:

Sold out now, sorry.