Super-secret Song, by Toad House Gig – Sunday 4th August


Well well well, if you knew what I know you would be very fucking excited about this show.

How special and how secret are we talking here? Well for starters, it’s a fucking tenner. When have I ever charged you a tenner before, unless I’ve been renting some flash venue or other? Never is when, so this must be pretty cool. And secondly, I am not allowed to tell you in writing, not even with a highly-suggestive choice of YouTube video, who the star headliner is, but rest assured she is someone pretty fucking cool.

The show will be on the evening of Sunday the 4th August, and the opener will be the excellent Beerjacket from Glasgow, a fact which, whilst it is good news in and of itself, doesn’t really suggest who the main act is going to be I’m afraid.

So at this point we’re either close enough that you can call me up and ask me what the fuck I am on about or you’re just going to have to trust me. Tickets are going to be highly limited, and the link below is the only place to get hold of them, so once I delete that link we are non-negotiably sold out, sorry. Get stuck in, folks, this is going to be a good ‘un.

Sorry, sold out now I’m afraid.