Song, by Toad Summer Party – Saturday 18th July 2009 at the Bowery

Toad Summer Party

Yes, it’s that soon.  And it will be bloody good.  The Bowery is closing over the Festival to be taken over by the usual commerical shitfest which swamps any semblance of culture in this city during August, and next Saturday will be its last night until the Autumn so help us celebrate the amazing work they’ve put in this year in some style.

As it’s the Summer and is allegedly (stop sniggering in the cheap seats) going to be a good one for a fucking change I thought we could all dress in flowers to celebrate.  In fact, I thought it would be such a good idea that I am going to buy a shitload of weird flowery things from charity shops and make you wear them if you turn up without anything floral on your person at all.  So you’d better make an effort, if just to deprive me of the opportunity to embarrass you.

For the open mic bit at the beginning – strictly 7pm-8pm – we have some splendid treats lined up, including a couple of Meursault songs played entirely on the omnichord and a couple of other special musical treats I am currently still working on.  As per usual, if you want to take part in the open mic bit email me on the address shown on the contact page.

For the main bit we have the truly outstanding Yusuf Azak coming through from Glasgow.  I am trying to prize him away from a sexier and more glamorous record label and persuade him to release on Toad so you shower of bastards had better be nice to him.  And headlining, we are going to have Tommy and Ziggy from Found reprising their Toad Session set which they recorded a few weeks ago for us because it was bloody brilliant and I think lots of people should hear it if they possibly can.

So there you go, a finer evening’s entertainment you couldn’t possibly wish for, so get yer jacksies down to the Bowery next Saturday and watch me make a tit of myself because of too much gin once again.  You know it’s bound to happen.

Yusuf Azak – The Key Underground

Haggard the Listener Group – Anti-Climb Paint