Song, by Toad New Year’s House Gig 2012: The Leg & D. Gwalia


Yes, I know that’s Krampus in the image there, and yes I know Krampus is a Christmas thing rather than a New Year’s one, but The Leg have always rather reminded me of Krampus so I figured I could still get away with it.

Anyhow, for those of you who know the script already, tickets can be bought from the Paypal link below:


And for those of you who do not, the plan is very simple.¬† Two awesome bands will be playing at our house on New Year’s Eve, and you pay a fiver to get in.¬† There are no guesties and no exceptions, because all the money goes straight to the bands. But what you get in return is an almighty piss-up, and three sets: D. Gwalia and a short set by The Leg before the bells then, depending on the weather, we all walk up to Inverleith Park to watch the fireworks, and then The Leg play another short set afterwards and we all get shit-faced. Easy!

All you need to bring is your fine selves, and any booze you wish to guzzle.¬† We’ll lay on plenty of food and perhaps have some safety-beer around in case we start running out around 4am which *cough cough* has never happened. And there will be fun.

If you need convincing, all me to present a wonderfully miserable tune from Mr. Gwalia and that video with the pandas and the eagles which we did for An Eagle to Saturn by The Leg earlier in the year.