Scottish Independent Label Market Returns

Last year’s Scottish Independent Label Market was, I think it is fair to say, pretty much an unqualified success.

The organisation was relatively last minute, but it enjoyed pretty unequivocal support from the Scottish independent music community, was held in a ridiculously cool venue and was extremely well-attended. Personally, had I organised the damn thing, I’d have been absolutely bloody delighted.

As you can see from the picture above (from The List) the Dissection Room at Summerhall, where this year’s event will also be taking place, is pretty awesome. I think all the ‘big’ independent record labels in Scotland will be there, as well as a lot of the interesting small ones, so for those of you who would rather spend your August money on people who finance and encourage artistic expression, instead of paying £25 to see shit comedy at the Fringe so Magners can get rich, then I suggest y0u come along to this and spend a fortune.

Myself, I think what is likely to happen is that all the money we make from people buying our records will be completely negated by the fact that I will myself end up spending too much money on everyone else’s releases at the same time.

Oh yes, and the date, of course: Saturday 4th August, 12-4pm.  See you there.