Record Store Day 2013


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Ah, Record Store Day 2013, finally upon us.  Amongst the many things you could be doing, we here at Song, by Toad will be releasing Beer vs. Records in association with Barney’s Beer. For those of you who don’t know about it, the whole concept is explained in more depth here, or in the following sentence: people will happily spend twelve quid on a single round of beer, but it seems they’re reluctant to spend twelve pounds on a record – why?

Well the 4-packs of Barney’s with the download code and the new Song, by Toad Split 12″ will be available as of tomorrow, in the following places:
Edinburgh: The beers are in Vino in Stockbridge, Morningside, Broughton and that one just off the Meadows, and also The Last Word cocktail bar in Stockbridge. The records are in VoxBox in Stockbridge, Underground Solu’shn on Cockburn Street, Coda on The Mound and Unknown Pleasures on the Canongate.
Glasgow: The beers are available in The Good Spirit Co. on Bath St. just round the corner from LoveMusic who are stocking the record. Those two are going head to head on sales, so choose very carefully as lives may be at stake*. Monorail are also stocking both.
London: Rough Trade East have both the vinyl and the beer, so please go down and buy them so I don’t look like a dick for being the only person in history unable to sell alcohol to the British.

We have made to propaganda videos, representing the sides of GOOD and EVIL, depending on your predilections. Thanks to Gavin White and Ian Greenhill, these look awesome.

Record Store Day 2013 Daytime Funtimes

At Voxbox tomorrow ourselves and the ever-brilliant Gerry Loves Records have partnered with the shop to run a series of brilliant live shows in The Last Word cocktail bar across the road from the shop. Well, I say partnered; they did all the work, I just suggested some bands and provided the PA, but I am keen to take as much credit as possible nevertheless. The running order is below:

12.00-12.30 Wounded Knee
13.00-13.30 Magic Eye
14.00-14.30 eagleowl vs Kid Canaveral
15.00-15.50 Mike Heron Band
16.00-16.30 Rob St. John
16.50-17.20 Honeyblood
17.30-18.00 Adam Stafford

And finally, in the evening we will be hosting the official Beer vs. Records launch night at Summerhall. The price is £8 on the door, £6 if you’ve spent money on anything at all at a Scottish independent record shop during the day, and £4 if you bought our new Split 12″ from a Scottish shop during the day, so spend your money in record shops as you are being encouraged to and we will try to justly reward you.  All four bands on the split are playing, and doors are at 8pm. See you there!

*Then again, they may not.