Post War Glamour Girls, Halfrican & Mark Wynn at Henry’s Cellar Bar on Saturday 16th November

ToadGig2013 10 digiflyer

The first I heard of Post War Glamour Girls was about three years ago, when Ode to Harry Dean appeared on a Sways Records compilation tape (free download here).

Their releases have been a little thin on the ground since, I must confess, but a couple of singles have snuck out into the open here and there, and the band’s live show seems to have helped maintain a sense of excitement even in the absence of formal releases.

Suburban Barbarian (above) came out just over a year ago, I think, and the band have a new single which is only recent, and there are various other bits and pieces to be found on Soundcloud.

The band have evolved a fair bit since I first came across them, inevitably. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly how, it’s just somehow… more. Of pretty much everything. Denser, heavier, more swagger, more intensity, I dunno, but they feel like they’re going for it a bit more these days – it all seems looser and more expressive, and yet tighter and more together at the same time.

They’re playing this Saturday at Henry’s, too, along with Halfrican and Mark Wynn. It’s only a fiver in, so I’ll see you there, with a bit of luck.