Old Earth & Mat Riviere Come to Scotland

MKE EDN 2013

So we’ve all calmed down after the festival, right? And taken a couple of weeks aff the drink to let our livers recover, eh? Yep, so it’s probably about time to get back on the horse with this fantastic triple bill which myself and Euan from Mini50 Records have put together. And this time, as well as the usual Henry’s show in Edinburgh, we’re also in Glasgow at The Berkeley Suite the night before.

Ostensibly this was an opportunity to get Old Earth over to Scotland, because both Euan and I are huge fans of his work. His music drifts from experimental, looped fuzz, to downbeat pop and back, which makes Edinburgh’s Hiva Oa the perfect band to join him on the bill. Personally I was happy enough with that, to be honest, but then it appeared that Mat Riviere was also around and also looking for a gig, and by happy coincidence the timing was perfect.

To mind this bill works perfectly. It’s all the kind of music with moments of clarity and moments where it can seem like it’s digressed so far that the band have lost the thread altogether. Mat Riviere’s album Not Even Doom Music (on Bandcamp here) is a recent release I allowed to slip through my fingers actually, but it’s a cracking record and I can finally get my grubby little hands on one next week, which I something about which I am most excited.

As per usual, tickets will be a fiver on the door – hope to see you there.