Now Wakes the Sea

nwts Continuing with our profiles of Pale Imitation Festival bands, joining yesterday’s New Fabian Society on the bill with The Leg tomorrow (7th August) at Henry’s will be the fantastic Now Wakes the Sea.

Given my constant exhortations not to over-estimate bands on the basis of one or two songs, it’s sort of ironic that I find myself looking at the entire output of this band and thinking hang on a minute, they’ve three incredible albums, two EPs, an experimental cassette thingy and an entire re-recording of Hospice by Antlers.

It’s time to stop fucking about talking about potential here and start insisting what is patently true: these guys are without a shadow of a doubt one of the very best bands operating in Scotland at the moment. And by that I mean definitely top ten, possibly top five. This is not exaggerating for effect or careless use of hyperbola: looking at their output over the last three years or so, I can’t think of anyone who has bettered it.

It’s not radio pop, I suppose, and the use of noise and low vocal mixes probably puts it in a fairly small niche in terms of taste, but nevertheless in amongst the narcotic haze there are some really accessible pop songs.

Whilst their recorded material is brilliant, however – like the best lo-fi pop music slowly being strangled by the weight of its own intransigence – the live show is a bit less predictable. I’m not sure if it’s inconsistent personnel, predictable booking or a lack of will, but I haven’t seen the band all that determinedly out and about playing over the last few years.

I managed to put them on as a full band once, and it was ace, but they’ve appeared solo, and done entire sets of abstract noise too, so I think it can be a bit erratic. Who knows though. We have a full band set waiting for us tomorrow, and some of the finest songs I’ve heard in ages. So pretty much whatever the outcome I am highly looking forward to this.