New Fabian Society and Vladimir to join Brown Brogues on Saturday at Henry’s


I was going to title this thread “Electric Company Records come to Edinburgh” but I have half an inkling that search engines prefer headlines to body text so I succumbed to the scourge of 21st Century journalism and chose searchability over verbal flow, and for that I apologise. Sincerely.

But for all the headline may be clunky, it is at least factually accurate. You know by now that the awesome Brown Brogues are playing in Edinburgh on Saturday, at Henry’s Cellar Bar. Well I can now announce (I should say EXCLUSIVELY ANNOUNCE shouldn’t I, the internet likes exclusive stuff) that they will be joined on the bill by long-time Toad favourites the New Fabian Society, and Vladimir, from Dundee.

Both are signed to Electric Company Records in Glasgow, although signed might be a slight overstatement given how we do things at the DIY end of the record industry foodchain. Electric Company are relatively new, but they’re already working with an awful lot of noisy, shoegazey bands, often with just a hint of psychedelia, and are probably my favourite new label to emerge in recent years. There’s a shitload of stuff on their Bandcamp page to explore if you would like a poke around before Saturday’s gig, and that can be found here.