New Bastard Mountain Song and Launch Dates

bastard mountain launch digiflyer

Whee, yes, there’s more from the Bastards! The response to this album has been fucking great so far, and I am pretty delighted with how it’s going. Mind you, it’s a great album, so it bloody well should be doing well, but it’s still nice to see people agreeing with me about music for a change.

Anyhow, we have two album release shows booked in, and the band won’t be playing all that much otherwise so if you are keen I would try and get to these if I were you. I think they are going to be rather special. Although if you can’t make it to either, then you can treat yourself to the record here instead.

Saturday 24th May – SHHH! Festival, London (tickets).
Thursday 29th May – Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh (tickets).

As well as some great reviews we’ve had some fantastic radio play, particularly from the ever-supportive Tom Ravenscroft and Vic Galloway. Getting press is always a challenge for a small label like us, but to get to the stage where people are getting in touch with you actively asking to review the album is absolutely fantastic.

Given the band don’t really exist, exactly, I haven’t actually seen them play since we recorded the album, almost two years ago now. Consequently I think that for all I’ve heard the record an awful lot, I’m probably as excited as anyone else for these launch gigs. It’s such haunting, beautiful music I really can’t wait to see it performed live, particularly in a setting as lovely as the Queen’s Hall.

And, as we’re being generous today here’s another song from the album to help whet your appetite: