Meursault & Viking Moses vs Yusuf Azak, Ian Humberstone & Wounded Knee

rocky_2827501b Ah fuck it, people, I don’t think I can help you with this. You’ll have to decide for yourselves, and it won’t be easy. Tonight in Edinburgh there are two fantastic gigs and I honestly can’t separate the two in terms of recommending which one you attend. You’re on your own, sorry.

Meursault & Viking Moses at Leith Dockers Club.
Yusuf Azak, Wounded Knee & Ian Humberstone at the Banshee Labyrinth.

Okay, so little more than a hundred metres from our new house we have the first gig at Leith Dockers that I’ll have been to in a while. Viking Moses has just been touring in China and Spain, I think, and is stopping off in Edinburgh on a brief jaunt around the UK.

I struggle to describe music like Brendon’s, honestly. It’s ‘indie’, I suppose, in the loosest sense. It’s definitely indie in the original sense of being independently made and released. It might sound a bit like Americana to a British ear, but that’s just because Brendon has an American accent, really, not for any other reason I can think of. It could be described as being a bit folky I suppose, and Brendon himself calls it RnB/Soul on his Bandcamp page, but both of those are kind of a stretch. It’s just fairly downbeat pop music I guess, based mostly around vocals and guitar, and it’s very good. The teaser track from his new album is embedded below, and it’s bloody gorgeous.

Meursault should need no introduction around these parts, but if you don’t know them they’re a definitelynotfolktronica band from Edinburgh, and will be playing a stripped down set tonight, solo with mostly guitar, and possibly some piano, I think.

As for the Banshee Labyrinth show, this will be Yusuf Azak’s album launch, and his first record to be released on vinyl. It’s a progression on previous stuff, incorporating more synth and electronic elements, but still retaining that characteristic dreamy folk style. Some people have told me that it’s an acquired taste and I honestly have no fucking idea what they’re talking about. It’s first class, old-fashioned sounding, acoustic pop music, end of story.

This will actually be Yusuf’s first full band show in Edinburgh, and although I am not entirely sure what a full band is, in this context, I am really excited to see it. He’ll be joined on the bill by the awesome Ian Humberstone and Wounded Knee.

I honestly don’t know which bill I prefer, frankly. You could pretty much deal these bands out like cards to make two random shows and any combination of lineups would work brilliantly. Fuck. Ah well, good luck deciding.