Loch Lomond – Night Bats EP (mini) Tour

The hardest thing about working with a band from Foreign Parts is that there is a bit of a limit to what you can do for them from far away, especially when you’re our size.  Generally, all the things I can do to help a band out around here – Toad Sessions, tell my friends about them, try and get them written about on blogs or on the radio or on live bills and so on – are much harder if no-one gets the chance to see them and have my general pestering backed up by other people.

Loch Lomond have their second Song, by Toad Records release coming up in May, when their gorgeous Night Bats EP comes out over here.  We’ve already had a rather positive review from SoundsXP, and their split 12″ with the Builders & the Butchers was also very well received, I reckon this EP will hopefully go down very well indeed.

Anyhow, to help us promote the release, the band have made the incredible commitment of travelling over to Scotland to play some gigs and do some sessions in support of the EP.  I really appreciate this, as it is far from a significant expense.

So they are playing four dates, one of which gives us the chance to come through to Glasgow for our first label showcase, so it’s all pretty exciting.  Please come along and support these guys if you can – it’s no small thing they’re doing, coming over here to entertain you ungrateful fuckers, you know.

Wednesday 19th May: Song, by Toad Records Label Showcase at Mono, Glasgow.
With Meursault, Loch Lomond and Jonnie Common – £5 on the door.

Thursday 20th May: The Tunnels, Aberdeen.
With Tim and Sam’s Tim and Sam Band.

Friday 21st May: The Barrels Alehouse, Berwick.
With Tim and Sam’s Tim and Sam Band.

Saturday 22nd May: Toad and Ruth’s Toad and Ruth Show at The Queen Charlotte Rooms, Leith.
With Sam Amidon & Meursault (solo acoustic).

Loch Lomond – Wax & Wire