Live in, er, Manchester This Week?


Manchester again? Yes, Manchester again.

Why Manchester again? Well I happen to be on the way down to London again for MORE MEETINGS! You know what the Cookie Monster is to cookies? Well I seem to be that to London meetings.  Anyone would think I actually enjoyed trying to get work done on shitty East Coast Mainline WiFi, which is up and down like a whore’s knickers (I got this expression from Mrs. Toad – don’t blame me).

Anyhow, on the way back I thought I would stop off in Manchester and visit my Granddad who I haven’t seen for a while, and also take the opportunity to go to the Cloud Sounds Christmas Party – see flyer image above.  Cloud Sounds is a monthly podcast, and one of my favourite things on the internet.  The music is great, and the delivery is, well… hilarious if you happen to appreciate a podcast that sounds like it’s being presented by Eeyore. Which I do.

Back in Edinburgh there are still some good things happening though, such as the Douglas Firs’ album launch.  Their new album is a fine one, and is out on Armellodie Records.  Oddly enough, after Darren Hayman’s new record and Rob St. John’s Pendle project, it is also witch trial-themed, which suits the band’s disturbed, slightly spooky folk pop down to a tee.  The launch is at the Augustine United Church on George IV Bridge, which in itself sounds rather interesting too.

More stuff comes in the form of the Is This Music? Christmas Party at the Electric Circus, with Ballboy, We See Lights and Adam from We Were Promised Jetpacks on the bill, and then there’s also Indie Funday Friday at Henry’s on Friday.

And that seems to be about it for this week.  Of course Saint Etienne played yesterday, so if I’d had my shit together then I might have been able to nudge you that way.  However I was off polishing off the mixes for the next Split 12″ yesterday, in preparation for mastering, so I can promise you I was most certainly using my time productively.  Then putting up vinyl shelves in our living room at long last, and dragging home the biggest fucking Christmas tree I have ever seen, which now occupies half our living room. Mrs. Toad is very happy, and the cats are worryingly fascinated.