Live in Edinburgh This Week – 9th September 2013

ed Well I don’t mean for the Edinburgh live listings stuff to just be my opportunity to peddle directly Song, by Toad-related stuff, but it’s going to look a bit like that this week. Shame really, as I was hoping the end of the Pale Imitation Festival would put and end to that, but hey-ho, I write about what I like and that’s that I suppose.

Anyhow, as I mentioned last week, Euan from Mini50 and I are collaborating on a couple of shows with Old Earth, Mat Riviere and Hiva Oa this week. On Thursday we’re at the Berkeley Suite in Glasgow and then on Friday at Henry’s in Edinburgh, so it would be nice to see you there. Assuming you like music which threatens to make you hate it before delivering the prettiness, that is. Which I do, of course.

The, on the weekend there are a couple of gigs at the Voodoo Rooms, one of which is really quite Toady as well. That one would be Adam Stafford, Thank You So Nice and Et Tu Brute? who are all playing Limbo on Saturday. Adam is an absolutely great live performer – he may play solo, but his use of looped guitar and vocals creates an absolute wall of sound which can be pretty eyebrow-melting at times. Et Tu Brute? on the other hand are more of a shouty, punky kick in the shins. Dan from The Leg is on guitar, Alun plays drums and Grant from Edinburgh School for the Deaf/NAKED screams at you. And it’s awesome. Trust me!

And finally, on Sunday there is something rather different, again at the Voodoo Rooms, where Candythief and Pumajaw play in the Speakeasy. I believe this is actually a birthday party, although it is also open to the public. I am not sure what this means to you on a practical level however – bring a cupcake, maybe?