Live in Edinburgh This Week – 9th June 2011

I think Tom Waits could be playing in Edinburgh this week and I would strongly consider missing it.  I have already spent a day sleeping it off, but I am still not convinced I have entirely dealt with the damage of Homegame just yet. In fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t.

What I have done though is just about pull myself together to the point where I feel emotionally capable of dealing with our excellent lineup at the Bristo Hall tonight: Francois, This is the Kit and Babe.  With the exception of Babe I made the effort to avoid them all at Homegame, just to make tonight’s gig more special.

Then I am going to sleep again.  Lots.

Tuesday 10th May 2011: Francois & the Atlas Mountains, This is the Kit & Babe at the Bristo Hall.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who missed Homegame to figure out what we’ve all been going on about, and I can tell you that Babe (who are Gerard from Findo Gask’s new band) were absolutely storming on the weekend.  Also, Francois has just signed to Domino, so there will be excitement all round.

Tuesday 10th May 2011: Fucked Up, Black Lungs and Iceage at Cabaret Voltaire.

I actually know almost nothing about Fucked Up, but on Record Stor SHOP! Day they released the rather excellent David’s Town, which is a compilation of fictional bands from an equally fictional British seaside town.  This idea, and the execution of it, were brilliant enough in themselves that I thought this gig definitely merited mention here.  But of course you’ll all be at Francois right?  RIGHT?

Animal Man – Do You Feed? From Fucked Up’s Record Shop Day release David’s Town.

Friday 13th May 2011: The Douglas Firs, Le Reno Amps, The Scottish Enlightenment & Iliop at Old St Paul’s Church (the one in town, not the one in Leith!).

Somewhat reversing my habit of releasing Glasgow bands like King Post Kitsch, Yusuf Azak and Inspector Tapehead from the other side of the M8, Al at Armellodie have done with The Douglas Firs what Chemikal did with FOUND earlier in the year, and turn the traffic in the opposite direction. This is the album release celebration for The Douglas Firs