Live in Edinburgh This Week – 8th March 2010

Basically, in terms of live music, this week revolves around two events: the (now sold out) Grizzly Bear show at the Queen’s Hall, and the Fencelicious Homegame Festival in Anstruther (final-ish running order announced here).

However, for those of you not coming out to Fife and unwilling to stump up twenty quid to see yet another band with Bear in their name, there is at least one gig  very much worth seeing in Edinburgh this week.

Before that, for those of you who missed it (which I presume includes everyone) I was invited to write a comment piece for the Scotsman this weekend, about what it would mean to small bands and labels to lose BBC 6Music.  The content will be pretty familiar to all of you from the post I wrote last week, which is how the article came about in the first place,

It’s on the site filed as a ‘Premium Article”, which makes me chuckle, so for those of you who don’t wish to sign in I have scanned the thing and you can read it here.  I suppose I am slightly not supposed to do that, but I don’t think I am being paid for the article itself, and I don’t think it’s doing much harm to let you see the thing if only so you can exclaim, like Mrs. Toad did on first seeing it: “Where the fuck did they get that awful picture?”  Bitch.

Friday 12th March 2010: The School, Allo Darlin’ & Django Django at the Wee Red Bar.

This is going to be a somewhat twee night of indie pop, with just a little darkness supplied by the Homegame-bound Django Django beforehand.  You owe it to yourself to have enormous amounts of fun at this gig if you aren’t going to Homegame, just to stick it to those of us who are.

Allo Darlin’ – Atlantic City