Live in Edinburgh This Week – 7th September 2008

Auld Reekie

Music. Edinburgh. Apparently. What do I care, I won’t be around anyway. We’re off to the End of the Road Festival at the end of the week, and then there’s the appaling spectacle of watching England get tanned by Croatia on Wednesday, then a friend’s birthday on Tuesday. So for me there is no such thing as music this week, you’re on your own, people.

I’m looking forward to End of the Road actually. Mrs. Toad will be with me this year, and things are always more fun when my midget companion is around. It was nice being there by myself last year, but a short, bad-tempered and entirely disinterested pal would make things immeasurably better.

The lineup looks intriguing this year, too. Last year there were so many bands I loved on the bill that I ended up racing from one show to the next, and still missed half of what I wanted to see. This year there’s loads I don’t know, which is really cool because Simon and Ro pick excellent bands, so there should be plenty of discoveries to make. I am likely to pitch up at the Bimble Inn early on and just bloody stay there, I think.

Thursday 11th September 2008: Calexico at the Queen’s Hall.
It appears that nobody who reads this website likes Calexico. To my readers, therefore, I feel obliged to say ‘fuck you all’ because I think they’re brilliant, and the Queen’s Hall is a great place to go and see them.
Calexico – Black Heart

Friday 12th September 2008: Alex Cornish at Cabaret Voltaire.
I’m annoyed I’ll be away for this because not only is Alex a fine musician, but he is also a lovely bloke and chatters his way through a set as engagingly and amusingly as anyone I’ve ever seen. There’s a new single approaching as well, so best pop on down. This should be a full-band show too, giving the sound a bit more, erm, bigness. Is that a word? It isn’t really, is it, but you know what I mean. Check this is really on, though, because it’s still TBC on their website.
Alex Cornish – This One’s For You