Live in Edinburgh This Week – 7th June 2010

There is only one thing I care about happening in Edinburgh this week, and that is sweet, sweet sleep.  After the Scottish Showcase at the Old Queen’s Head last night (brilliantly put together by Anthony and Alice from God Don’t Like It, God bless their odd-couply socks) we stuffed everyone back in the van and I drove the eight hours back from Lahndan just in time to drop everyone off for a sleep and come straight to work.  So my brain is now in a puddle in the bottom of my shoes, and bollocks to gigs this week.

And you know what?  There’s fuck all happening in Edinburgh this week.  Yes, genuinely fuck all.  Unless I miss my guess which, let’s face it, wouldn’t surprise anyone there really isn’t a single gig that I would personally be heading to this week.  And you know, that might be the first time since I started writing this weekly listings post that this has happened.

Anyhow, in the absence of my anyone else’s shit to pimp, I suppose I should just pimp some of my own shit, because on Thursday night Jesus H. Foxx and Meursault are playing at the Go North music industry booze-a-thon in Inverness, before Meursault head on to play at the Rockness Festival on Sunday.  The Foxx have just released a teaser from their debut album, a track called Jeff & Josephine, which you can find on their blog, here.

As well as musicky things, you’ll find Derick and Olaf from Born to Be Wide up in Inverness, hosting four seminars over two days at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel on the subjects of bands who do everything themselves*, band management, alternative ways to making money out of music and getting your music synched to TV or film.  The full details are on their MySpace page, and I recommend getting along if you can, because these seminars can be very useful.

Even if the chat itself can get a little derailed into amusing anecdotes at times which, whilst highly enjoyable, are not of all that much practical use, you can generally spot the people you want to have an extended chat with later on and then collar them in the bar when they’re vulnerable – so there are several ways to get a bit of extra value out of these things.

And, of course, it will be a monumental piss up.

Jesus H. Foxx – Jeff and Josephine

*Rather hilariously including our own Neil Pennycook as a representative of a band who, and I quote from the flyer: “book their own tours, organise their own festivals, release their own records, and manage to make money”.   Money?  Money? Where the fuck is my yacht in the fucking Bahamas then?