Live in Edinburgh This Week – 6th December 2010

Live this week?  Well mostly snow from the looks of it.  It’s been drifting past my window in big feathery flakes all morning, and for the last couple of hours a lorry has been most amusingly trying to make it out of the Scotmid car park across the road.  Nae luck so far.  Snigger.

I think I may have mentioned this before, but the big issue in Edinburgh is not so much the amount of snow, per se, it is more the combination of snow with steep hills and cobbles.  Well that, and the fact that it so rarely snows here that most drivers have no fucking clue what they’re doing of course.

So here I sit in our spare bedr Song, by Toad’s plush corporate headquarters with a nice warm cup of tea and our retarded, love-starved cat whoring for attention in the most pathetic way imaginable, and all I can think is that I am very grateful I am not putting a gig on in Edinburgh this week.  In fact, I am kind of grateful I am not really planning on attending many either, because Christ knows if they’ll be on if this bollocks keeps up.

There are a few other gigs on here and there this week, like Bronto Skylift and Johnny Foreigner on consecutive days at Sneaky’s on the weekend, but nothing else I think I personally am all that interested in attending.

Tuesday 7th December 2010: Johnny Flynn & the Sussex Wit at the Liquid Room.

If I were to let my brains make the decisions I would find Flynn annoyingly contrived and twee – a bit like a BBC costume drama in musical form, embodied in the form of a suspiciously good-looking young man.  For someone as prone to irrationality as myself, I am constantly surprised by how much I like Flynn’s stuff despite all these odd and almost entirely unjustifiable prejudices.  It’s almost like my ears are forcing my head not to be such an arse and just get on with it.

Johnny Flynn – Lost and Found