Live in Edinburgh This Week – 6th April 2008


Well well well, another week, another flutter through the pages of Edinburgh’s virtual classifieds for the finest tuneage known to man.  Or at least, Edinburgh man.  And woman.  For this week.

Tuesday 8th April: Alex Cornish at The Ark.
Me old pal Alex will be playing at The Ark on Tuesday, so for Scotland’s finest dose of mellow, pianoey pop songs, this is the place to be. Pop up and say hello afterwards too, as he’s the friendliest chap imaginable. I’ll be away unfortunately, so I won’t be able to make this one.
Alex Cornish – This One’s For You

Friday 11th April: Randan Discotheque & Sanna at The Village, Leith
This is part of the Club Welto folk night. Randan Disco is acoustic stuff, but written with that trademark Scottish humour permeating every song, and Sanna bring some gentle electro underpinnings to matters. The Village is a top way to spend your Friday nights in general, I’d say.
Randan Discotheque – Heather the Weather

Saturday 12th April: Chippewa Falls at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
Bart’s Gentle Invasion promotion sideline are hosting this one at Henry’s. Instrumental rock is a bloody hard thing to pull off, but the only reason Bart got out of the promoting lark in the first place is that he refused to put on gigs where he didn’t love the entire lineup, and that ginger man’s word is good enough for me.
Chippewa Falls – Wolfy

Update: now definitely CANCELLED. Sunday 13th April, Make Model, Found, Frightened Rabbit at Cabaret Voltaire.
Frightened Rabbit have a new album approaching called The Midnight Organ Fight, which I am pretty interested in having a listen to, as soon as it’s possible. I haven’t given the band that much thought for a while, I have to confess, so it’s time I started to pay attention again I think. Between their indie rock and Found’s electronic indie-folky stuff – bleep hop, they call it, which makes more sense – this is an excellent lineup only slightly let down by the headline act who are no better than reasonable, in my eyes. Be a little careful with this one, as Found have it down on their site as cancelled, whereas the others do not, so it may just be that Found themselves aren’t playing, which would be a shame.
Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper
Found – FCN Mapa Remix