Live in Edinburgh This Week – 5th December 2012

Well given it’s the run-up to Christmas, the traditional avalanche of gigs and parties doesn’t seem to have quite kicked off yet, and I honestly thought this week would be total mayhem.  First and foremost, however, I have to pimp our own Christmas Party, which is happening on Friday 7th at Summerhall.

I shall condense the sales patter into bullet points, shall I, just for ease of digestion:

– TWO major new label announcements!
– FREE copy of new Repulsive Sunsets by King Post Kitsch for first 50 people.
– King Post Kitsch first ever full band live show.
– 15% off everything at the merch table.
– Special Song, by Toad cupcakes by Fiona Buckle.
– Toad Beer! (To see what the beer and cupcakes look like, go here).
– And of course, tickets are £3 cheaper if you buy them in advance, so click here to do just that.
– See you there, folks!

So, apart from all this there is really only one underground gig I’ve seen this week, although we do have Thin Lizzy and The Damned playing the Picture House on Lothian Road on Saturday and Sunday respectively. In slightly more DIY terms, Edinburgh indie pop band Thank You So Nice will be playing an in-store at Elvis Shakespeare on Saturday 8th.

There are other things going on as well, which are more or less directly related to music.  There is an Independent Record Fair in Glasgow on Saturday which we will be attending, at Chambre 69 in the town centre between 1pm and 6pm – lots of Scottish music to buy, and live bands all through the day as well. The rather excellent LeThug will be representing Song, by Toad Records, and I strongly recommend you get along to see them if you can.  And buy stuff, of course. Buy lots of stuff.

And for those who can’t be fucked going through to Glasgow, a lot of local labels (including our own) will be represented at this year’s Merriment Makers boutique market thingy, which takes place at the Cameo Cinema on Saturday and Sunday.

And fiiiiiinally, Born to Be Wide are hosting a talk show event, interspersed with live band performances, at the Electric Circus on Thursday the 6th.  Bands will include Panda Su, Donna Maciocia and Stanley Odd, and on the sofa doing the talking will be awesome music journalist Nicola Meighan, awesome radio fella Ally McCrae and awesome mentalist Bruce Finlay. Not sure which of them will need the most therapy after this. Me, probably.