Live in Edinburgh This Week – 5th April 2010

Well it’s finally time to get that bastard Meursault album out there for people to enjoy – Christ, it’s been a trial sitting on this for so long.  I really have learned how leaks happen in the music industry now.  Never mind malice, it is just virtually impossible to keep something you’re really excited about to yourself for as long as is needed to organise a proper album release.  This album was recorded in December and January, and was basically finished by mid-February.

Since then, we’ve had to restrain everyone involved (from the band, to people like myself and, Dylan and Wee Matthew who have all been playing our own copies, to members of the press and assorted other industry people who’ve we’ve had to give copies to) from making it widely available before the actual release.  This is surprisingly hard because of course people are just bloody excited about it – frankly, how any album fails to leak is beyond me, really.  We’re tiny – imagine how many people have to keep something under their hats when the record is being released by even a moderately-sized indie.

This week also sees a full day of music business seminars at the Voodoo Rooms.  On Thursday Olaf and Derick from Born to Be Wide will bring us a full day of seminars, surrounded by a cloud of showcase gigs around the city.  The seminars will be: Speak to the Management, How to Get on a Festival Bill, What Next – Preparing for the Future, and Essential Legal Advice.  I have been to a lot of the Born to Be Wide seminars and I can’t over-emphasise how useful they can be.  Even if you don’t end up acting on anything in particular at the time, it’s useful to know where to find that kind of advice should you need it in the future. So far we’re in contact with publishers and lawyers for the label because of Born to Be Wide.

The List have a more complete preview here, and you can buy tickets for the event here.

I honestly can’t find much else out there beyond this couple of gigs – I must be missing something obvious, surely?  Please feel free to point and laugh in the comments, as usual.

Thursday 8th April 2010: Hopeless Heroic & FOUND at Electric Circus.

This is the Wide Days closing party, featuring the fabulous FOUND who seem to make more noise now that there are fewer of them, somehow, and a a certain baldy-headed mystery man we can’t mention here for contractual reasons.  FOUND were excellent at Homegame, incidentally.  Far rockier than I’d imagined, but very, very good.

Saturday 10th April 2010: Meursault & Conquering Animal Sound at Cabaret Voltaire.

Supporting will be the excellent Conquering Animal Sound, who have just completed their own single launch mini-tour.  I think Meursault are intending to play the entire new album start to finish, but I could be wrong.  They’re even lugging a bloody piano down to Cabaret Voltaire for the purpose, so I would recommend not missing this one.

Meursault – Crank Resolutions