Live in Edinburgh This Week – 4th October 2009

October? Jesus, you must be kidding, that means Autumn and everything. You can feel it in the air actually, and in fact it’s been there for a couple of weeks now. Blech. Booring. Still, dark evenings in with a glass of wine and a record player is a fine way to spend an evening.

I am still absolutely buzzed off my tits after the weekend. Neil from Meursault and Frances Magic Tricks and Pete Leg were recording in the house this weekend and fucking hell it sounds like it’s going to be gorgeous. They’ve put together a nine-song album which, assuming everything gets negotiated cleanly, we will be releasing on 12″ vinyl probably early next year or late this, and it is going to be fucking amazing. I can’t sit still at Proper Job at all – I just want to get home and get the mixing process started.

On the subject of albums, Yusuf Azak is in town this week and has apparently been recording for his debut album for the last while. That also sounds incredibly promising, and I can’t wait to hear stuff from that one either. EXCITING, people! The last six months of the noughties (oh how I hate that phrase) is shaping up to be a really rather excellent one in terms of local music.

After an apparently excellent Versus night last month (which I missed, apologies) the Black Spring gentlemen return Limbo to the Edinburgh gig diary after a two or three month break. They’ve invited Toad favourites Inspector Tapehead through from Glasgow to play, the night after another Toad Records band, Jesus H. Foxx, play at Sneaky’s.

Tuesday 6th October 2009: Casiokids & Stanley Odd at Electric Circus.

Alright, this may not be exactly my bag, but listening to something hip-hoppy with an obvious Scottish accent is downright weird. And besides, if I were to be bored with indie-folk-pop etc etc then this looks like a pretty interesting lineup.

Wednesday 7th October 2009: Kill It Kid, Sparrow & the Workshop & Yusuf Azak at Cabaret Voltaire.

I am curious to see Kill It Kid. I’m not all that convinced by their recorded music, but they are supposed to be phenomenal live, and I can well believe it. It’s been bloody ages since I saw Sparrow & the Workshop too, and Yusuf Azak

Kill It Kid – Send Me an Angel Down

Thursday 8th October 2009: FOUND & Road to Tokyo at the Bowery.

I have been reliably informed that FOUND will be taking this opportunity to give some material from their new album a first airing, so I wouldn’t miss this if I were you.  And given that Come in Tokyo have recently split, this the Road Thereto is going to be the only chance you get to see Allan Pebble wielding an electric guitar with purpose for the foreseeable future.

Friday 9th October 2009: Jesus H. Foxx & the Boycotts play This is Music at Sneaky Pete’s.

I believe it is Jamie from This Is Music’s birthday on Friday, so this one should be raucous.  I don’t know the Boycotts that well, but the Foxx are getting tighter and tighter live, and a sweaty, drinky night like this should be great fun.

Friday 9th October 2009: X Lion Tamer & Devil Disco at the Bongo Club.

You know, it’s been ages since I went to a gig at the Bongo Club.  I like their stage – everyone gets a good view because it’s high and almost in the round – despite the fact that the club itself is more than a little scruffy, so it’s a surprisingly good place to hold a gig.

Saturday 10th October 2009: Inspector Tapehead, Mickey 9s & X in the O play Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms.

Partly it’s good to see Limbo back on the Edinburgh gig calendar, and partly it’s extremely good to see the rhythmic weirdness of Inspector Tapehead back over here.  I don’t know the other two bands, but the Limbo lads are extremely reliable in putting together a good lineup.

Inspector Tapehead – Humdinger

Saturday 10th October 2009: Micachu & the Shapes at Sneaky Pete’s.

It may be a surprise to see me recommending a band like Micachu, but I saw them at Limbo last year and actually thought they were really good.  There’s a bag of energy in their performance, and they are just melodic enough that I found myself really enjoying them despite it not being a style of music I normally warm to.