Live in Edinburgh This Week – 4th June 2012

 Yeah yeah, I’ve got the date wrong haven’t I.  But not really, because these are the listings for the week commencing 4th June, so it’s actually quite right.  It makes little difference though, because you know what:

Live in Edinburgh This Week: Absolutely Fuck All!

Yep, that seems to be the case I’m afraid.  Of course, I haven’t really done that much research, beyond scanning my Facebook events and browsing the websites of a couple of the venues I go to a lot, so it’s possible there’s all sorts of exciting shit happening in Edinburgh this week just… well, I don’t really think so.  Sorry.

Still, if this leaves you scrabbling around for something to do, why not check out the listings at the Filmhouse.  More specifically, tonight and tomorrow they are showing Death Watch, which is a brilliant film.  It’s set in Glasgow in the seventies, stars Romy Schneider and Harvey Keitel and is a rather damning indictment of the reality TV craze which seems remarkably prescient, given how long ago it was made. So yes, in the absence of music, go see that instead.

Alternatively, if you happen to be in Inverness for GoNorth – or, I suppose, if you just happen to be in Inverness anyway – then you should come along to the Bloggers’ Showcase tomorrow night.  Lloyd from Peenko, Jason from The Pop Cop and myself have selected the four best bands on the GoNorth schedule, namely: Chris Devotion & the Expectations, Yusuf Azak, Sebastian Dangerfield and Make Sparks. The action will be taking place at Blackfriar’s Highland Pub tomorrow from about quarter to eight. See you there.  I will be the drunk one with a bit of a beard.

And finally, it seems the total absence of anything (non boogie-woogie related) vaguely resembling a music programme on the telly has inspired to separate groups of people in Scotland to have a go at changing that rather depressing state of affairs.

Vic Galloway and myself were at Chem19 this weekend with PAWS and Neil from Meursault filming a pilot for a show we want to pitch to, well, pretty much any TV channel that’ll have us or, failing that, possible sponsors for a web series.

However, stealing a march, and deciding not to bother at all with TV (because let’s face it, if they’d rather put on late night text-gambling rip-off shows after midnight then fuck them all to pieces) are the Detour lads, who have just released the first in a monthly series of shows based around live performances both in conventional venues, and their more trademark odd spots.

The first episode is below, so enjoy.  And if there actually is owt worth seeing going on in Edinburgh this week then let me know in the comments. Otherwise, save your pennies for the Song, by Toad Split 12″ launch tour with Dolfinz, Waiters, Sex Hands and Paws, which is happening next week – full details here.