Live in Edinburgh This Week – 3rd September 2012

 Ah, the Festival is over.  Aaaaand, breathe. Finally some tranquility can return.  Although, if I am being entirely honest I ignored the whole Festival so completely this year that it would be just plain churlish of me to complain about it.

In fact, I think I may have recharged my Festival batteries someone, and next year I might well feel up to making a good go of it and going to a bunch of things because, let’s face it, there is plenty of fun to be had there (assuming I manage to get my head out of my arse and actually allow myself to enjoy it that is).

Anyhow, it seems we are in something of a post-Festival hangover this week and no-one really seems to be up to much.  Edinburgh School For the Deaf are playing at Sneaky’s but there really doesn’t seem to be much else going on, honestly.

So maybe this would be a good week to check out what films are showing at the Cameo. Or maybe support the excellent year-round comedy we have here in Edinburgh irrespective of the Festival and go down to The Stand, which is not only a great comedy club, but just a really nice place for a pint as well.

Thursday 6th Sept.: Edinburgh School for the Deaf, The Electric Sugar Children & The Paranoid Style at Sneaky Pete’s.

As the only gig I could really find in Edinburgh this week, I don’t really know what to say about this one.  I haven’t really made enough time for Edinburgh School For the Deaf since Kieran left, for which I feel a little silly, but they are playing with local lads Electric Sugar Children and The Paranoid Style, who are touring, at Sneaky’s on Wednesday, so if you like your rock intense and shoegazey, then I’d recommend this one.