Live in Edinburgh This Week – 3rd January 2010

Why does it always seem tougher to return to work after the Christmas holidays than any other holiday?  I suppose there must be something about that end of year exhalation which makes it feel like your travails are wholly and entirely finished, which makes the resumption of hostilities with normal everyday life seem like a ruder awakening than usual.  Certainly, I’ve been in stranger places for much much longer and found it less of a pain when that alarm rings on Monday morning and I’ve had to drag my bloated carcass out of bed and back to the desk once more.

Still, there’s plenty of non-worky things to do as soon as I get home – eagleowl session to edit, New Year’s house gig videos to edit, promotional material for the Trips and Falls and the Maxwell Panther releases to send out… all the usual jollity!  And fortunately, this particular week there seems to be little to get in the way of that.  I can’t really find much happening in Edinburgh this week, as everyone’s wallets and livers attempt to emerge from the blind coma they were battered into by the Christmas period.

The Mill is going on at Cabaret Voltaire on Thursday, which is free if you are happy to surrender your mobile number and can stomach Miller lager, which is all they’ll sell you.  I’ve not really heard of either band this week, so here are the MySpace pages for The Void and Penguins Kill Polar Bears (which of course they don’t because polar bears are fucking huge, and it would take a terrifyingly large swarm of penguins to bring one down – and even then it would take hours for them to peck one to death and the spectacle would be so unpleasant it doesn’t bear thinking about, frankly) so decide for yourselves.

Incidentally, I did a podcast a while back (one of the least popular of all time, funnily enough) about bands with birds’ names, but you could probably do a similar one based around bands with bear names, but I don’t know what category I’d put Penguins Kill Polar Bears in.  Probably birds, seeing as the penguins seem to have the upper hand in the particular scenario their name suggests, but it’s far from clear cut.

Anyhow, my personal recommendation for the week would be to pop along to Out of the Bedroom, downstairs at the Tron on Thursday night.  Out of the Bedroom is an open mic night, and as such can inevitably be a little patchy, but it’s friendly, downstairs at the Tron is actually a pretty nice place for a pint (despite the rest of the place being an unspeakable shithole) and you’ll probably find that pretty much every musician you like in Edinburgh has played there at some point or other.  I used to go when my friend Scott ran the night, but I stopped when they moved to the rather unwelcoming basement of the Canon’s Gait, but seeing as they’re back somewhere nice again it would be a good time to start popping along.

The Counting Crows – Start Again