Live in Edinburgh This Week – 3rd August 2008


I am away, so this is a phantom post which I VERY KINDLY wrote before leaving, just to make sure you all remain up to date during my absence.  Wouldn’t want you needlessly wasting your money on shit gigs now, would we.

I may not be there in person, but fucked if I’m having you degenerate lot misbehave in my absence.  There are good gigs out there and if I catch any of you wasting your money on aural effluvium like Newton Faulkner then there will be serious repercussions.  Or Kate fucking Nash.  Unspeakable.

Here is what you are permitted to spend your musical sheckles on.

Monday 4th August 2008: Rob St.John & Emily Scott play The Retreat Festival at the Scottish Scullery.
I swear if anyone has asthma they might just drown out the music at this particular gig, both Rob and Emily are so hushed.  It will be beautiful music though, so I really recommend this.  Rob is warming up to a new release shortly, which really is excellent news.
Rob St. John – Tipping In

Wednesday 6th August 2008: The Pictish Trail & HMS Ginafore play The Retreat Festival at the Scottish Scullery.
Jenny Ginafore is one of the intentionally undiscovered gems of the Fence Collective.  From what I know (not much, I just confess) she’s just not up for pushing her music any farther than it intends to trickle along of its own accord.  Her music is beautiful on its own, Johnny Pictish’s recent album is brilliant, and this should be a great gig.
HMS Ginafore – You Built a City Inside of Me

Thursday 7th August 2008: Shout Out Louds at Cabaret Voltaire.
As Swedish eighties indie revivalists go, this lot are easily as good as it gets.  Their Cure/Smiths infused indie pop is pure joy and I am gutted that I’ll be away for this one.  If you can go, GO!
Shout Out Louds – Tonight I Have to Leave It

Friday 8th August 2008: Randan Discotheque & The Wee Rogue play The Retreat Festival at the Scottish Scullery.
Craig, who is Randan Disotheque, writes classically Scottish songs: slightly wry, slightly morose and witty enough to be enjoyable.  The Wee Rogue, whom I have only ever seen once, on his Edinburgh debut, writes the most remarkably fragile songs you’ll hear in a while.
Randan Discotheque – The Prince Must Go to Iraq

Saturday 9th August 2008: Nouvelle Vague at the Liquid Room.
As much as arch cover versions are really starting to get on my tits, Nouvelle Vague don’t make a bad fist of this particular sub-genre.  Their loungey versions of indie classics are rather enjoyable, and why not spaff fifteen quid on an evening’s entertainment.  They’re playing the previous night too, supported by Rachel Unthank & the Winterset.
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly