Live in Edinburgh This Week – 31st May 2009


Well well well, Saturday was what I think can only be described as a truly epic party.  It started at about two or three in the afternoon when Found came round to record their Toad Session, which sounded absolutely lovely, continued into the back garden for a barbecue, turned into the Honeytrap Toad Session, repaired once more to the garden for further gluttony, returned to the house once night had descended, then turned into some sort of deranged music/cavorting session until the early hours accompanied by some truly heroic feats of drinking.

Quite how the whole house didn’t end up smashed to pieces is beyond me.  And quite what our neighbours made of a gaggle in inebriated imbeciles out in the back garden all evening bellowing salty anecdotes at one another in the most colourful of language is entirely beyond me.  If we are not careful we may end up with something of a ‘reputation’ in the neighbourhood.

Apart from other things, today sees the release of Broken Records’ debut album, which I will review later on this week.  I also have a special treat of some truly excellent live videos from their Bedlam Theatre set which will be published as soon as possible.  I’ll review the album in as objective a manner as I can, but for now, on a personal note, I want to just mention the fact that the lads have become good friends since I first saw them play about two years ago, and I am incredibly proud of them and delighted to see this record out in the shops.  Well done, boys, you deserve it.

Other things happening this week include the first night at the somewhat enigmatic Electric Circus.  This is a new venue whose website, whilst pretty, is sufficiently unfinished as to fail to include an actual address.  It is left to The Skinny to provide us with such trivial details, and a good thing they do, as the first gig to be held there takes place tomorrow, 2nd June, with St. Jude’s Infirmary and White Heath.  Intriguing.

Monday 1st June 2009: Teitur & Emily Scott at Cabaret Voltaire.

Teitur is from the Faroe Islands and has managed a couple of fairly high-profile movie placements for his songs already which, although it brings very important funds to an artist, doesn’t seem quite as useful at increasing name-recognition, because I am still yet to hear all that much talk about the fellow on the digital telegraph wires.  He makes lovely, acoustic pop songs, though, which should result in a state of serene bliss.
Teitur – We Still Drink the Same Water

Monday 1st June 2009: Trachtenberg Family Sideshow Players at the Bowery.

This lot sound a bit mental.  The clue is entirely in the name – imagine what kind of madness you might expect from a band called that, and that is exactly what you are going to get.  Should be brilliant fun.
Trachtenberg Family Sideshow Players – Mountain Trip to Japan

Thursday 4th June 2009: Punch & the Apostles & the Stormy Seas play Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms.

More Limbo excellence, with Glasgow band Punch & the Apostles and their raucous sound which veers from hyperactive swing to deranged carnival barking.  Supported by the Stormy Seas’ folk rock and a mystery third guest, who will probably turn out to be someone like Paolo Nutini or someone like that.  Or maybe not.
Punch & the Apostles – I’m a Hobo

Friday 5th June 2009: My Latest Novel, Copy Haho & Mitchell Museum play the final Black Tape Club night at Sneaky Pete’s.

Black Tape take their final bow by introducing the new My Latest Novel album to the world.  I am listening to their gorgeous debut as I type this, and am genuinely fascinated to hear what they have to say for themselves next.  On record it’s all a bit more craftsmanlike, instrumental and lush, whereas the live sound is a lot more guitary and noisy.  I haven’t actually seen them live for ages, so I’ll definitely be along to this one.
My Latest Novel – Pretty in a Panic

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th June 2009: The Meadows Festival.

What are the chances of the gorgeous weather holding up until this coming Saturday when the Meadows Festival swings into life?  Pretty slim, from the looks of it, but we can hope.  Apart from plenty of splendid hippy shit like crafts stalls and local artists and stuff like that there will also be a good number of local bands playing at various times during the day, including Meursault, Jesus H. Foxx, White Heath, The Byrons, and quite a few others.  Have a look at their MySpace page for a more comprehensive list.