Live in Edinburgh This Week – 31st August 2008


Well the Meursault Session is up and my interviews are all sorted but one, so maybe I can take the foot off the gas just slightly for the time being. This week I have two tasks: write up the Builders & the Butchers interview and record a podcast for the weekend. Oh, and maybe deal with the Broken Records movies from a little while back.

I’ve requested interviews with Micah P. Hinson, the Wave Pictures, David Thomas Broughton and the Pictish Trail for End of the Road, and so far have a yes from PT, no reply from DTB, and am having my traffic credentials examined by the MPH gatekeepers. Is my penis big enough? Do I drive a shiny enough car? Is Mrs. Toad pretty enough? Are you lot the right sort? Christ this is fun – the music industry is so fucking hierarchical it’s just ridiculous. To be fair though, the lady I’m talking to about Micah P. Hinson and the Wave Pictures seems really nice, so hopefully we might get somewhere with that.

In the meantime, there are plenty of opportunities to wreck your liver and empty your pockets in Scotland’s capital this week:

Friday 5th September: Wounded Knee, Black Diamond Express & others at the Drill Hall in Leith.
There’s a handful of really good bands playing this particular night, apparently hosted by Benbecula Records, who are one of the best little labels around these parts.
Black Diamond Express – Nemo Saltat Sobrius

Saturday 6th September: Euchrid Eucrow, Emily Scott & the Wee Rogue play the Gentle Invasion night at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
Bart’s Gentle Invasion gigs are always a treat, but he sent me some marketing blurb for this one that might have backfired: apparently Euchrid Eucrow, apart from the man himself, comprise musicians from not only the (brilliant, in my view) British Sea Power, so far so good, but also the (dismal, in my view) Bat For Lashes. Ah well, Bartski, can’t win ’em all. Still, it sounds intriguing, Emily Scott is lovely, and I haven’t seen The Wee Rogue since his first tentative step onto the Edinburgh stage some three years ago at an Out of the Bedroom night.
Euchrid Eucrow – A Horse is Not Just For Christmas

Also, Glasvegas play the Liquid Room on Sunday, but the ungrateful bastards have sold out. Bugger.
Glasvegas – Geraldine (Demo)

That’s about all I could find to personally get excited about this week.  A bit thin, eh.  I may need help on this one.