Live in Edinburgh This Week – 2nd March 2008

The Burgh

It’s another solid week of gigs this week, with a couple of lesser-known groups popping up and the chance for me to see new discovery The Byrons play at the ARK, which promises to be good.  Mrs. Toad’s away this week, so I have free reign to go out as many nights as I please – whee!  Have fun, Toadlings.

Wed 5th March: The Byrons & Foxgang at The ARK.
So, a couple of days after I write about them , here are The Byrons, playing their Blur-y brand of, um, what, post-rock? They’re joined by Foxgang who are also pretty good – beatier and a bit more upbeat – so it should be a good night.
The Byrons – Anglais
Foxgang – Cheesewire

Thursday 6th March: The Occasional Flickers at The Bongo Club.
When I first heard their music I thought ‘gosh this twee pop sounds right up Cloudberry Records‘ street’ and lo and behold who has a Cloudberry single to their name? Yup, you guessed it. Well they’re playing with The Afterglow and Exit Music at the Bongo Club on Thursday.

The Occasional Flickers – Rucksack

Friday 7th March: Meursault at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
This is their album release actually.  I’m not sure if there’s a label involved but if not, fuck it.  Who needs labels these days.  So I am set for plenty of beers and some rather dark banjo-meets-electronica goodness.
Meursault – Salt Pt.2

Sunday 9th March: The Beat at the Liquid Room.
The Beat! The fucking Beat! I won’t be going, because reunion tours for ageing ska legends tend to be overpriced and a poor compensation for being too young to have caught it the first time round. But The Beat, people!
The Beat – Stand Down Margaret (Whine & Grine)
The Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom