Live in Edinburgh This Week – 2nd July 2012

Well no prizes for guessing which gig will be occupying 99.87% of my attention this week.  In fact, I genuinely have no idea if there are any other gigs on in Edinburgh this week at all, and frankly I couldn’t care less.

I get pretty bad promoter anxiety at the best of times, never mind when the show costs something like £3.5k to put on, and the venue can fit 900 people. Having said that, apparently pre-sales have been very healthy, to the extent that the Queen’s Hall have had to open up the balcony, so that bit of news calmed my nerves quite considerably.

To add to that, the super-deluxe, extra-special box sets are over halfway to being sold out as well, which is good news from a commercial perspective.  And the initial reviews have been very, very positive too, which is also nice.  So in general, things are looking pretty positive for this release.  Which means I can stop shiteing myself every time I think of the investment we would have stood to lose if it hadn’t gone well.  Well not stop, perhaps, but I guess I can panic slightly less, at the very least.

So, for those of you whose entire week isn’t completely dominated by the Meursault album launch at the Queen’s Hall on Saturday, there do happen to be a couple of things dotted around which you will probably find entertaining…

On Friday 6th July there are a couple of relatively informal gigs which look rather fun.  Jamie from Broken Records is playing at the Electric Circus‘s Live Lounge, which I think is pretty similar to an open mic/cabaret kind of a thing.  To see what Jamie playing solo might be like, have a look at the video at the bottom of the page.

Secondly, on the same evening, Morris Major will be playing down at Nobles in Leith.  With a full lineup they make smart, stylish indie-pop.  I have to confess I am not sure what this set will be like, but the tunes will be good at the very least! Just don’t get them started on Automan.

And finally, also on Friday, there is the monthly charity night Indie Funday Friday at Henry’s Cellar Bar, with Night Noise Team and a handful more.

So there you go, plenty to do.  I am off to not panic at all.  Definitely not panicking.  Not in the slightest!

Broken Records – Aleko (Live at Song, by Toad) from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.