Live in Edinburgh This Week – 29th October 2012

 Well well, recording an album isn’t half fun, even if you’re not actually doing anything yourself! I’m not sure quite how much I’ll be up for gigging this week, just to release the risk of my body spontaneously combusting due to becoming 80% alcohol.

Firstly, though, thanks to everyone who turned out for Friday’s awesome BAD FUN at Henderson’s. As you probably know, the third one is pencilled in for (almost) my 37th birthday, on the 17th of November.  As Broken Records are playing, and they need a rather bigger rig than we’ve been using this one will be a little more expensive, but still only £7 if you buy in advance and £10 on the door.

For those of you feeling a little more robust, then there are a couple of decent opportunities for pop fun this week, and some rather interesting looking chatter about album artwork at Born to Be Wide on Thursday:

Thursday 1st Nov.: Keser album launch with Esperi and Adam Stafford at the Wee Red Bar.

I know little about Keser, but you can preview their stuff on their website, which I linked above, and it sounds like lovely, atmospheric soundscapes which, if I have the emotional courage to venture to a gig at all this week, might be just about the best thing for me.

Thursday 1st Nov.: Born to Be Wide Album Artwork Night at the Electric Circus.

This is an interesting one.  Since starting the label I have begun to understand the conflict which sometimes arises between the artists’ desire for an image with impact and the practical issues of designing something which has to sell well as a piece of merchandise both in record shops and via the internet.  Add to that the slew of iconic designers, label styles and individual album designs and this should be a rather interesting one.

Saturday 3rd Nov.: Ringo Deathstarr at the Third Door.

[EDIT: It looks for all the world like these dates have been cancelled, although this isn’t reflected in the venue’s own listings.] This lot are lo-fi and growly, but deep down they basically write amazing riffs and bouncy pop songs, just ones which they deliver at a thumping volume and with shitloads of distortion.  Their songwriting can, in my opinion, be a little uneven, but they’re an awesome live band and I strongly recommend getting along to this if you can.