Live in Edinburgh This Week – 28th September 2010

Fmmmghfh.. Eigg.  Drink.  Fuckers.  Still broken.

If those Fence bastards ever suggest you go to one of their festivals say NO!  You will be drowned in drink and have so much fun that there could not possibly be a more drab and disappointing place than Real Life, as and when you are forced to return to it.

I’ll be writing something about the festival itself once my brain heals, but for now here are some entertainments to keep you occupied in Edinburgh this week, the most important to me personally of course being the Inspector Tapehead album launch and pre-gig in-store performance in Avalanche Records.

Wednesday 29th September 2010: Willy Mason at the Roxy Art House.

I remember seeing Willy Mason at the Borderline in London before I moved up here, and being absolutely spellbound.  He played up here shortly afterwards with a full band, and I kind of felt that the band crowded both his voice and his guitar playing, both of which seemed to have more space to breathe at the London show. Nevertheless, there is a real warmth to the guy when he plays and if this show is anything like as good as I think it might be I am going to be a happy boy indeed.

Willy Mason – Fear No Pain

Thursday 30th September 2010 (5pm): Inspector Tapehead in-store at Avalanche Records.

I promise to bring some beer, for those who fancy popping up for this one.

Thursday 30th September 2010: Inspector Tapehead, The Miserable Rich & The Stormy Seas at the Wee Red Bar.

Brighton’s Miserable Rich are signed to Humble Soul in Manchester, one of the country’s finest DIY labels, so I am really pleased to be able to put them on the bill for this one.  Of course, it was actually down to Tallah and Jim from This is Music, if I’m being honest, but I am still really pleased!   And given the amount of time The Stormy Seas have wasted on this blog, I think it’s about time we put them on a bill too.  And as for Inspector Taphead, well given how late the album was in appearing I suppose it’s only fair we were a bit late with the album launch show as well.

Inspector Tapehead – Yarvil