Live in Edinburgh This Week – 27th February 2012

Well after a weekend of total mayhem in Scotland’s capital city, what the fuck are we in for this time around?  Well there’s a few things actually, although one of my personal choices is pretty much sold out, I do believe: that being Withered Hand & the Pictish Trail at the Caves on Thursday. If there are a few tickets left I suggest you turn up at the door pretty promptly in order to score one.

The other stuff, as usual, is listed below:

[Meanwhile, in the now traditional ‘Matthew is an idiot and has left something out’ slot we have the following: on Thursday 1st March Thomas Truax is playing in a rather surprising choice of venue – Opium nightclub on the Cowgate.]

Tuesday 28th Feb: The Cast of Cheers & Theme Park at the Electric Circus.

I think ‘sprightly guitar pop’ best sums this up.  It’s cheerful, upbeat and bouncy – perhaps not entirely my kind of thing at the moment, but I reckon those of you who like your music a little less growly might enjoy this.

The Cast of Cheers – Goose

Friday 2nd March: Wet Nuns, Fat Goth & Hagana at the Electric Circus.

If you fancy a bit of pantomime villian blues rock (to coin the stupidest genre designation I’ve heard in a while) then you might well like this.  Despite being tipped by the NME, Wet Nuns sound pretty good, and there’s a sort of over-the-top camp to this bill which looks like great fun.  The names alone are worth going for.

Saturday 3rd March: The Machine Room, Blank Canvas & Zed Penguin at the Wee Red Bar.

This gig is the launch night for the Machine Room’s new EP, which you can preview on the Bandcamp embed below. I am reserving judgment on the band for the time being, but it’s certainly very promising and contains lots of individual moments I do like.  The support bands are pretty varied too, with bluesy screech from Zed Penguin and rollicking piano pop from Blank Canvas.

Sunday 4th March: Adam Stafford, Radio Trees & Loch Awe at the Third Door.

I am such a latecomer to the Adam Stafford Appreciation Party that I am probably really annoying everyone who’s been banging on about him for ages. Nevertheless, the way he builds his songs out of looped vocals and guitar is nevertheless something to behold.  I confess I know nothing about Radio Trees, but Loch Awe have been recording in Chem19 recently and the one song I’ve heard from those sessions sounds bloody great.

Sunday 4th March: A Hawk and a Hacksaw at the Filmhouse.

A Hawk and a Hacksaw’s last visit to Edinburgh brought them to the Caves, if I remember, but this occasion will be rather different: they are here, I think, to play a live soundtrack to the Russian film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.  I am a bit sketchy on the details I have to confess, but this looks rather fascinating.