Live in Edinburgh This Week – 27th August 2012

 The problem with having a young lady in your life who has foresworn the devil drink for a couple of months is that when she breaks this habit for an evening and gets utterly massacred on half a bottle of wine, you get the inordinate pleasure of having all last night’s conversations for a second time, in the morning, once she’s sobered up.

So yes, this morning has been a little like Total Recall for me.  What’s that darling?  Josie Long was really good, and made you feel ashamed of your political apathy?  What, again?  Since last night?  Did she come round for coffee this morning while I was still asleep or something?

Anyhow, after the mentalism of last week, it’s relatively quiet in Edinburgh over the next seven days or so, which gives me time to pop through to Glasgow on Thursday to see Grandaddy.  Fucking Grandaddy, you fuckers!

Listings and samples after the jump…

Tuesday 28th Aug.: Holy Mountain & We Came From the North at Sneaky Pete’s.

I don’t know Chemikal Underground’s recent signing Holy Mountain, I have to confess. I know they like their guitar music pretty damn heavy, and I know a lot of friends of mine think they are ace, and that is about all I can tell you, sorry!

Wednesday 29th Aug.: Mark Lanegan at the Picture House.

Mark Lanegan is an absolutely magnetic presence on stage, and for all his latest album doesn’t quite hit the heights of the menacing scowl of Bubblegum, I’d still highly recommend getting out to see him if you can.

Friday 31st Aug.: Eagulls & PAWS at Sneaky Pete’s.

I feel like I’ve let Sneaky Pete’s down a bit recently, with my inability to attend either Joe Pug or Jeff the Brotherhood, two awesome gigs I really wanted to go and see. Their booking has been really top-drawer recently though, and this might be the best of the lot.  Both Eagulls and PAWS are awesome live bands, and if you like your garagey pop songs delivered with plenty of piss and vinegar, don’t miss this.

Sunday 2nd Sept.: Amusement Parks on Fire, Nightmare Air & Convex Mancave at Sneaky Pete’s.

This is another in a relatively short line of excellent lineups from Pendulum Man concerts. More orientated towards the abstract and noise ends of the musical spectrum, the gigs are nevertheless really well put together, and touch on the pop end of my personal taste enough that I would pretty much take a chance on any of their lineups even if I didn’t know the bands.  One of my favourite new(ish) promoters in Edinburgh.

Sunday 2nd Sept.: Emma Pollock, RM Hubbert & Finn LeMarinel at the Electric Circus.

The last gig of the Festival at the Electric Circus, who have done an amazing job of taking up the slack in Edinburgh this Summer since the collapse of T on the Fringe/Edge Festival.  Their booking has been pretty consistently excellent and this is the last show of the Silly Season, before presumably more regular programming returns for the Autumn. Judging from Emma Pollock’s contribution to RM Hubbert’s gorgeous album Thirteen Lost & Found, this should be an absolutely lovely gig.