Live in Edinburgh This Week – 26th October 2008

Broken Records

Well there’s virtually nothing going on in the city this week, nothing at all. Almost. There is the Fence Collective Halloween bash in Fife (no, I know, Fife is not Edinburgh) this weekend and then, on Saturday…

*drum roll please*

Broken Records launch their new single, Lies, at the Bongo Club with support from Sparrow & the Workshop and Eagleowl. Broken Records are on the verge of sorting out the release of their debut album, but it’s all Very Top Secret at the moment. I haven’t seen Broken Records for a while actually, and I’m really looking forward to it. And personally, I think it’s very good news that there’s not all that much on, because I have a busy week ahead of me.

Wednesday is an excellent little gig I am helping to arrange, on Thursday we send out all the promo material for Meursault, Eagleowl, Nightjar and a new Rob St. John EP, which will be a long, tedious evening no doubt. Well, apart from the beer that is.

Then my little brother and his missus turn up on Monday, and we all get to watch the US elections and get plastered. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I am likely to be useless at work on the day after.

Broken Records – Kathy
Broken Records – The All Fell Into the Sea (Toad Session)

Shit almost forgot – Bart’ll kill me.  On Friday at the Wee Red Bar there is the latest (and final, really honestly this time) Gentle Invasion gig.  So for those not going to Fence Halloween, here’s an alternative.  If You Lived Here… sound particularly good, if you ask me.

Our Ladies of Sorrow, If You Lived Here You’d be Home By Now & Russ Abatoir at the Wee Red Bar.

If You Lived Here You’d be Home By Now – Dead Boyfriend